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The consultation process involves performing a detailed evaluation of the property both inside and outside, room by room. At the end of the consultation, the home buyer is provided a written in-depth list of recommendations to complete in order to prepare the home for the next phase of the staging process.

The recommendations can be completed by the home seller prior to the next phase of the staging process, or we can provide hands-on service to complete the list or a combination of both can be accommodated.

The strategic action plan of recommendations may include but not limited to:

  • Furniture assessment, placement and re-arrangement.
  • De-cluttering and de-personalizing.
  • Packing and storage.
  • In depth cleaning.
  • Painting
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Major or minor repairs.
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After the consultation and the recommendations have been completed, an analysis of what furnishings, artwork, accessories and lighting is required to stage the property. The selection of furnishings is made based on how to best showcase the features of the property, to allow for maximum flow throughout the home and to provide a sense of order and spaciousness within every room. 86% of individuals surveyed rank storage space as important for buyers. Staging maximizes space and spaciousness.

Office Before
Office After


There are times when your home may only require a little help getting it market ready. Our redesign service uses your existing furniture and possibly the addition of selected items such as accessories, artwork, lighting ( which is essential as 45% of homes are viewed in the evening) from our own inventory or rental company.

Dining Room Before
Dining Room After


Keep in mind that over 90% of buyers view properties on the internet when compiling their list of homes to view. Staging vacant rooms provides a sense of size and dimension, particularly in a website search. In order to get your property on the “must see” list, it “must be staged”. A vacant property leaves nothing to emotionally connect with or to recall after a buyer has viewed a number of properties.


Although white glove service is provided to all my clients, my Seniors Silver Service is provided with extra thought and care taken with regard to making changes for the elderly as simple and seamless as possible. KMB Staging will manage all the recommendations, packing, storage, moving and any outside services required to prepare your property for the real estate market.


This service is available to clients who do not have the time or maybe the energy or mobility to pack prior to moving when de-personalizing and packing is required prior to showcasing.



This service is provided for busy clients who don’t have the time, or don’t know where or what to shop for. Having the benefit of memberships with “trades only” shopping, provides a unique and vast selection of sourcing available. All selections are made based on the clients’ individual style and taste.


Color selection is a very personal choice, however when selling a home, it is no longer about the home owner, but more importantly about the home buyers. With 60% of a buyers first impression being based on color, the choice of color should be made with potential buyers in mind. CSP® has provided a Staging Safe ™ color palette for trained Home Stagers to use in addition to memberships with Dulux and Sherwin Williams.

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Family Room
Family Room